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About us

About Trocday
A 100% free service!
TrocDay is in Cameroon leading free classified ads sites .
The TrocDay.com website stores real estate , vehicles every day, and new or used products , deposited by individuals or professionals from all regions of France.
An unlimited deposit of ads
You can publish as many ads as you want, up to 10 photos and 1 video can be uploaded.
The ad is present on the site until the sale of your property
Publishing ads via an XML file
Adapt your management software to our gateway to export your ads, this solution is for professionals in the real estate, automotive, etc ...,
You can also place your ads on TrocDay.com with compatible gateways for real estate, vehicles ...:  
   - Adaptimmo
    - Ubiflow
    - Serge Daniel
    - Cargest
 - SELSiA (PlanetVO / Cardiff)
 - Netty
Is your gateway not in the list? contact us
Our interface is simple and convenient to view or drop classifieds, filters allow you to find exactly the advertisement you are looking for.
Thanks to our internal search engine, search your region, a postal code, a price, etc ...,